Missing Teeth: What’s the Solution?

Missing teeth

Our smiles are one of our most important accessories and missing teeth is a huge problem when it arises.

A friendly, warm, beautiful smile is the first thing you notice when greeting someone for the first time. Therefore, missing teeth can be a confidence-shattering nightmare. Making it difficult to ever show your smile and avoid social gatherings and settings due to anxiety surrounding your missing teeth. This is particularly apparent if it is a front tooth, which for some strips the confidence to smile.

What causes tooth loss?
Teeth can be missing for all sorts of varied reasons. The largest factor affecting tooth loss is a non-communicable disease called Caries. This is the growth of microorganisms on the tooth’s surface which are sustained by dietary sugars, these bacteria produce acids that demineralise tooth enamel.

Therefore regular tooth brushing as well as using dental floss is the best way to prevent early loss of teeth. Sporting injuries and other events which cause dental trauma are also a large cause of tooth loss, particularly in younger people.

Is there a solution to missing teeth?
Those that have experienced tooth loss can be very upset at the prospect of never having the complete, perfect smile they are used to. Fortunately, there are many procedures that exist in order to rectify this issue and return the natural glow to your smile.

Though many of these procedures can seem daunting from the outside, long procedures, high costs and varying effectiveness in results – which are sometimes effectively irreversible. This can put further anxiety in a situation that already is unideal for most that find themselves here.

Don’t Stress!
So, what is the solution? Does an affordable, fast, procedure-free, painless and reversible answer exist? Yes! Clip-In Veneers are the perfect solution for missing teeth. Simply follow the 3-step process and have a Clip-In Veneer solution in no time, custom-built to fit your teeth.

Feel confident to wear at all those solution gatherings and you won’t be able to stop smiling! The beauty behind Clip-In Veneers is that they are an ideal solution that isn’t permanent, no long operation is required that leaves you feeling unsatisfied and you aren’t locked in permanently. Simply remove the Veneers as and when necessary, perhaps only for occasions that you are really looking to impress, or just to the supermarket.