Get the Natural Veneers Look with Clip-in Veneers

natural veneers

A captivating smile can make a lasting impression, and for some, that means a set of bright white, stain-free teeth. However, how bright is too bright? Whether you opt for natural white or a dazzling Hollywood smile, you should pick a shade that you are comfortable with. In this article we will focus on the natural look, the most accessible option for those thinking about going down the veneers route.

Understanding Natural Veneers

Achieving a natural looking set of gnashers is a desirable goal for most, your own individual smile simply improved upon. In recent years, Clip-in Veneers have emerged as a convenient and affordable solution to enhance your natural smile without the need for invasive dental procedures. 

When opting for Clip-in Veneers, the aim is to create a beautiful smile that mimics the appearance of natural teeth, minus the imperfections. These veneers are designed to enhance your smile without sacrificing authenticity. One way of helping you to achieve the natural look is by choosing a shade that compliments you and your style.

Choosing the Right Shade

The key to achieving a natural veneers look lies in selecting the right shade for your Clip-in Veneers. Consider factors such as the colour of your existing teeth, your skin tone and personal preferences. Need That Smile offers three shade variations to ensure a perfect match that looks natural, radiant and suits you just right. The three shades we offer are:

B1 Creamy Natural

A natural, creamy tooth colour, this shade is most popular with people who want a subtle natural veneers look. Natural teeth discolour as we age due to the enamel wearing away and therefore if you are aged over 50, this would be the most natural shade for this age group. However, no matter your age, your teeth colour preference when it comes to Clip-in Veneers is entirely your choice. This colour is slightly on the creamy side and not the bright white side of the shade guide. If you want natural veneers that do not stand out, the B1 Creamy Natural shade is for you. 

BL3 Natural White

For a natural, white tooth colour, the BL3 natural white is the shade to go for. Our most popular shade among customers of all ages who want a natural veneers look but still want a whiter smile. This colour is on the whiter side of the shade guide, brighter than B1 Creamy Natural but toned down and more of a natural look than our third shade, BL1 Bright White.

BL1 Bright White

Not everyone wants a natural looking smile and we understand the appeal of a bright, white set of teeth. The BL1 shade is a very shiny and bright white colour, in fact this is the whitest shade we will go. A shade that is most popular with our younger clients from 18-25, a bright white smile is a photogenic one that reflects that perfect Hollywood style smile. If you are wanting to draw attention to your teeth and look like you have had cosmetic dentistry work done, a noticeably bright white shade is the right colour for you.

If you are still unsure as to which shade to go for, check out our handy Shade Guide

Natural Fit

One-size-fits-all does not apply when it comes to Clip-in Veneers for a natural look. Fortunately Need That Smile recognises this and places equal importance on the natural fit as well as the shade of your new Clip-in Veneers. By using our handy impressions kit sent to you in the post and following our comprehensive guide, your new Clip-in Veneers will fit naturally. This individualisation and attention to detail not only enhances comfort, whilst you wear your Clip-in Veneers, but also contributes to the overall authenticity of your smile.

Natural-looking Clip-in Veneers offer a transformative solution for those seeking a flawless smile without the commitment of traditional veneers. By focusing on shade selection and a custom fit you can achieve the perfect natural veneers look. Remember, your smile is as unique as you are, and with the right Clip-in Veneers, you can enhance its natural beauty effortlessly.