Alternative solution to teeth straightening

Getting whiter and brighter teeth using an array of kits and products is the latest trend in the health and beauty industries. But it is only normal for our teeth to become progressively more discoloured as we go through life.

With the hundreds of hyped up whitening kits around now, what is the best option to achieving a whiter smile?

Products currently available include whitening toothpastes, home remedies such as brushing your teeth with baking soda, and teeth bleaching kits. These dental treatments may achieve whitening results, but many of them also come with drastic side effects – such as increased teeth sensitivity, reaction with the gum to cause burning sensation, degradation of the enamel to the point where you’re more prone to tooth breaks, and more.

The only truly safe option is to get whitening treatments at a dentist, and this is often quite pricey. So what should you do if you are looking for fast teeth whitening?


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £30.00 with Laybuy


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or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £25.00 with Laybuy


Fortunately, Need That Smile can offer you an All in one cosmetic solution to give you an instant whiter and brighter smile, without needing to purchase products containing harsh chemicals that may not even give you the results they promise!

Need That Smile veneers are perfect for covering up your discoloured teeth. Even better, if you have other dental issues such as missing teeth or chipped teeth, the Clip In Veneers can also solve these issues. You have the choice of 3 different shades, depending on your personal preference and the look you’re going for, but all of the shades will give you a refreshing and beautiful smile.


  • A more affordable alternative to other cosmetic veneer and dentistry issues
  • Custom made to maximise comfort and natural look
  • No dental visits or complex procedures required
  • Simply clip into place so they can be taken in and out as desired
  • 3 different shades to choose


What are the options for teeth whitening?

There are several options to get straighter teeth.

  • Whitening toothpastes – A popular choice on the market is toothpaste containing charcoal, which has been suggested to have whitening abilities.
  • Home remedies – There are many different techniques on the internet which promise you a whiter smile, including baking powder and coconut oil. Often these techniques are actually harmful to apply on your teeth.
  • Teeth bleaching kits – These kits involve harsh bleaching agents which may give you whiter teeth but they also come with risks. The chemicals can erode your enamel and also burn your gums!
What causes tooth discolouration?
  • Foods prone to staining e.g. Coffee, red wine, soy sauce
  • Foods which erodes the enamel to increase staining risk – e.g. acidic fruit juices
  • Tobacco
  • Excessive fluoride in water
  • Tooth decay
What is the best option for teeth whitening?

We feel that Need That Smile Clip In Veneers are the ultimate solution! There’s no need to purchase over-priced products, which may do more harm than good. You don’t need to tamper with your natural teeth and can instead simply clip in our veneers for a new and beautiful smile!

Why Need That Smile for your teeth whitening?

We know you may be overwhelmed by the vastness of products available in the industry sector of teeth whitening. And you may have other tooth-related issues that you wish you could resolve as well but don’t have the capacities to do so.

Luckily, Need That Smile offers the perfect solution to help you get your dream smile. You won’t need to worry about the risky and expensive ordeal of using at-home whitening kits or regular visits to the dentist. Instead, all you need to do is place an order to receive your Impressions kit then send it back so one of the Need That Smile team can begin custom-making your veneers.



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