Tooth Replacement Solutions

Tooth replacement may be required as a result of tooth loss caused by an accident due to lifestyle or sport-related injury, genetic condition or gum disease.

The unsightly appearance and negative connotation of poor dental hygiene being the cause means that tooth loss often plummets self confidence. But with the revolutionarily designed Clip In Veneers, we believe that Need that Smile veneers can provide you with the ultimate tooth replacement solution.


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £30.00 with Laybuy


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £25.00 with Laybuy


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £25.00 with Laybuy

The solution to tooth replacement

Many options for tooth replacement are on the market, for example dental implants and permanent partial veneers which seem daunting due to the surgeries involved and permanent commitment to the modifications.

Need That Smile Clip In Veneers offer a custom designed, comfortable and natural-looking solution to hide your missing teeth issues. Your journey to a new smile involves a quick and easy purchase online, after which we will create your bespoke Clip In Veneers from your Impressions.

Advantages of Clip in Veneers for tooth replacement

  • A more affordable solution than other methods
  • Custom made to maximise comfort and natural look
  • No dental visits or complex procedures required
  • Simply clip into place so they can be taken in and out as desired
  • 3 different shades to choose


What are the traditional options for tooth replacement?

Traditionally, dental implants have been used for tooth replacement. However, is often expensive and the dental implant surgery is painful and invasive.

Fixed bridges are also an option, which is less widely used and involves shaving the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth to be shaven down to a stump for the bridge to be fixed upon. This is also painful and permanent.

Dentures could also be fitted as a tooth replacement solution, but the disadvantage is that the denture fits onto the palette of the mouth which impacts the individual’s taste. Vigilant oral hygiene and care is also necessary to prevent infection.

Clip In Veneers offer a modern, affordable and reliable solution without the need of a dental visit.

Why are Clip In Veneers the ultimate solution for tooth replacement?

Need That Smile Clip In Veneers allow you to restore your smile without a painful and irreversible dental surgery. Using our Impressions Kit, you can create a teeth mould which our manufacturers can use to create custom-made veneers which are unique to your gum line and dental arch.

What is the process to get Clip In Veneers for my missing teeth?
  1. Order online – Choose your desired product.
  2. We’ll send your Impressions kit via Royal Mail.
  3. Take your impressions – Follow instructions carefully and contact one of our team via Whatsapp FIRST before you do any impressions.
  4. Return your impressions – Send your kit back to us via Royal Mail ONLY.
  5. Receive your new veneers and resolve your missing teeth.



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