Choose the right shade for your lifestyle

We offer our Clip In Veneers in 3 different shades. When you place your order you can choose the shade for you. Each shade has a particular look to it so please select yours carefully as it cannot be changed afterwards. With the right shade your teeth will look natural, beautiful and suit you as a person.

  • Don’t over think it!
  • Choose the colour by deciding on the look you want below.
  • Pick something you will be comfortable with.
  • Choose a colour which complements your lifestyle and look.
brighter smile man smiling

B1 Natural

A natural, creamy tooth colour. Most popular with over 45’s and other customers who want a subtle appearance. This colour is on the creamy side not the white side of the shade guide.

BL3 Natural White

A natural, white tooth colour. Most popular with customers of all ages who want a natural look. This colour is on the whiter side of the shade guide.

BL1 Bright White

A very shiny and fake white colour. Most popular with our younger audience from 18-25 who want a more Hollywood style of look. This colour is the brightest white on the shade guide.