Achieving the Perfect Smile

The perfect smile from Need That Smile

One of the biggest concerns that people have with their physical appearance is getting the perfect smile. A good smile highlights someone’s warmth, confidence and gives an insight into their nature. Social gatherings, work parties and family events are always accompanied by a photographer which can be a cause of anxiety to some people.

Those that don’t believe that their smile is a reflection of their inner beauty or the rest of their appearance. A perfect smile can brighten up the room, highlighting the importance we are all comfortable showing our happiness around our loved ones.

Science behind a smile
Even as infants, a smile is one of the first features that we recognise in our peers. Babies are practically inbuilt with the desire to smile at their parents, something we lose a little as we grow up. Endorphins are released when we receive a smile, particularly from a loved one, which is why it feels like a natural response to smile right back – called a positive feedback loop.

According to Swedish scientists it makes it difficult to not smile back when you’re being smiled at. Thus the common proverb “You smile, I smile” is scientifically proven! Meaning it is of vital importance that you have a smile that you are confident when smiling at others.

What is the perfect smile?
What makes the perfect smile is of course subjective. I’m sure that we all read Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ growing up which highlighted the importance that so long as someone had good thoughts they will “shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”.

This being true we believe you ought to promote this natural glow from yourself which inspires happiness in your peers. A perfect smile is the ideal way to ensure that you are always beaming and promoting happiness to those around you. This means being confident and willing to smile each time you feel like it.

Aesthetic smiles
Aesthetically speaking, the consensus around a good-looking smile is pretty well-defined. Straight, white teeth, centred with the midline of the face, and proportional teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the perfect smile that we see on magazine covers and blockbuster movies. Whether we don’t have the perfect porcelain white teeth, they’re a little wonky or we have gaps due to blunt trauma or tooth decay. Without a smile that we are confident in, it can be difficult to exude confidence and may lead to anxiety in social situations.

How to achieve the perfect smile?
If you are not naturally blessed with perfectly straight teeth, all of the dental care in the world isn’t leaving your teeth your desired colour or your teeth don’t feel proportionate. There are many ways that you can go about correcting this. There is no good reason in the modern day that you can’t achieve the perfect smile that you dream of.

The easiest, least-invasive, reversible method in our belief is Clip-In Veneers. Unlike many treatments such as braces, dentures and dental veneers there is no need to have dental treatment. You are also able to easily remove your Clip-In Veneers at any time, removing any stress around long complex procedures.

At Need That Smile we know that our products are capable of changing lives and our loyal customer base is testament to that. Explore our range of products and find something perfect for you. If you are interested in Clip-In Veneers to improve your smile and confidence then look no further than Need That Smile.