How Clip in Veneers are great for people with chipped teeth

Chipped teeth Need That Smile

Having a beautiful, bright smile is something we all want for. A lovely smile not only enhances our physical appearance but it helps to boosts our self-confidence. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally pearly white teeth. Many people suffer from a lack of self-confidence due to damaged or chipped teeth. However, it’s actually a surprisingly common dental issue and can affect people from all different types of backgrounds. Luckily, there is an affordable and easy solution in the form of Clip in Veneers.

What Are Clip in Veneers?

Clip in Veneers, also known as Clip on Veneers, are a custom-made dental prosthetic which can be placed into your mouth and cover your existing teeth. Clip in Veneers are typically made from dental-grade plastic and unlike porcelain veneers can be worn without any pain or invasive surgery. Another advantage of Clip in Veneers is that they can be easily removed, for example when you are eating or sleeping.

Clip in Veneers from Need That Smile are highly effective in hiding chipped teeth and can be ordered quickly and easily online. Since they are completely custom-made to fit your teeth, they are very comfortable and easy to put into your mouth.

Another advantage of our veneers is that they come in a variety of shades to look more natural in your mouth. You can opt from three different shades and also round or smooth shaped design. This means that when wearing our veneers you will not feel so self-conscious about having a new set of teeth in your mouth. The more natural look of them will ensure you feel comfortable and happy to show others your lovely new smile.

How Do Clip in Veneers help hide chipped teeth?

Chipped or broken teeth can significantly affect your self-confidence and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. With our Clip in Veneers you can restore the appearance of your teeth by covering any blemishes or damage. Our veneers work in the following way:

Covering Chips

Many people of different ages suffer from chipped teeth which may include small chips or cracks in the teeth. Clip in Veneers sit over your existing teeth, so you don’t have to worry about having any costly surgery or dental procedures to reshape or grind your teeth. Simply place the veneer over your existing teeth to hide existing chips and cracks.

Restoring your tooth shape

A chipped tooth can alter the natural shape of your teeth and make them look jagged or unaligned. This will obviously have an adverse effect on your smile and bite. Clip in Veneers can fit snugly over your gums and ensure your teeth look more in line with one another.

Enhancing tooth colour

Having chipped teeth can often be accompanied by discolouration. This can include having some teeth which look darker than the rest. It goes without saying that having discoloured teeth can make most people feel self-conscious. With our Clip in Veneers you can choose a shade with suits you and have a set of matching teeth.

Protecting the underlying tooth

Having chipped teeth can often expose the underlying tooth structure, which can cause sensitivity and sometimes tooth decay. Sensitive teeth are often accompanied with tooth and gum pain, so having something which can help in any small way is always beneficial. Clip in Veneers act as a protective shield to cover your teeth and thereby protect the underlying structure, preventing further damage and reducing pain.

Providing a quick and affordable solution

Unlike traditional veneers that require multiple visits to the dentists, Clip in Veneers can be delivered to your door, without that dreaded visit to the dentist. There are no complex procedures or consultations involved. Infact, your custom-made Clip in Veneers can be with you in a weeks rather than months!

If you do have chipped teeth then it’s definitely worth looking at getting Clip in Veneers from Need That Smile. For an affordable, one-off cost you can regain your smile and whether it’s for a special occasion or just to improve your appearance, you can benefit from having the beautiful smile that you deserve.