Clip on Veneers for broken tooth repair

Broken tooth Clip on Veneer

The world of cosmetic dentistry is constantly evolving, with new and innovative treatments being invented all the time which make it much easier for people to improve their smiles. For chipped or broken tooth repair the traditional options include dental crowns or veneers, both of which are expensive and invasive. They would also typically require tooth reduction or dental bonding which can also put many people off from having further dental treatment.

With the advent of dental-grade plastics and improved technology in dental labs, Clip on Veneers have become hugely popular. Recent years have seen an explosion of companies providing Clip on Veneers which are cheap and easy to fit into your mouth. Of course the quality varies, but they tend to work in the same way – a custom made plastic denture which covers your broken teeth.

If you suffer from a damaged or broken tooth (or even teeth) then Clip on Veneers from Need That Smile are an ideal solution for you. They are not only affordable, but made from some of the best quality material of any non-permanent veneers available in the market. Our Clip On Veneers provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing way of improving your smile, without any risk!

How you can get a broken tooth

There are many different reasons someone can end up with a broken tooth. Some of the most common causes include:

Tooth decay

Cavities in the teeth, either from a poor diet or due to other medical reasons, can cause tooth decay. This can weaken teeth and cause them to get damaged and even break. This can be both uncomfortable and debilitating for a person so should be remedied quickly.


An accident or injury is a very common way someone can end up with a broken tooth. This can be very painful and can take months or even years to fully heal. For this reason a Clip on Veneer can really be a lifeline for someone in this situation and potentially help in their recovery.

Teeth grinding

Chronic grinding of the teeth can also cause wearing down of the hard enamel and result in damaged or broken teeth.

Chewing hard foods

If you frequently chew tough or very hard foods then you can wear down or even break your teeth. Although this may not be that common it highlights the fact that a broken tooth can happen in a variety of ways and broken tooth repair is very personal to each and every person.

Order Clip on Veneers for broken teeth

Ordering Clip on Veneers from Need That Smile is super easy. All you need to do is choose the type of veneer which suits you. We have 2 different options, and our Super Thin Clip on Veneers are proving to be highly popular. Once you have chosen your preferred type of veneer, we will send you an impression kit. This kit is required to create an imprint of your teeth and mouth. Once you return it back to us, our lab will begin the job of creating your very own custom-made Clip on Veneer.

The main benefits of our Clip on Veneers are well known – they are highly affordable and don’t require expensive or complex payment plans. You can also order them and receive the final product within weeks, without having to have consultations or checkups. Finally they are safe and pain-free which can often be one of the major reasons that people avoid the dentist in the first place.