Dentures: your solution to missing teeth?

Dentures are a potential solution to missing teeth, whether you have a single missing tooth, several or require a full teeth replacement (full set). Thus dentures are particularly popular amongst elderly people who are missing all of their original teeth.

Dentures are removable

Dentures aren’t only used to replace a full set, but are sometimes used to replace as little as a single tooth – called partial dentures. Due to the removable nature of Dentures, they always have an element of movement within your mouth. They are also sometimes bulkier than possible alternatives, this can cause discomfort as well as not be ideal for eating. Removable dentures are not as sturdy or firm as dental implants, though removability is ideal [1]. Eating is made particularly difficult when using dentures, the NHS recommends that you ‘should eat soft foods cut into small pieces and chew slowly’ when you first start wearing dentures [2] . 

Dentures are not cheap

The pricing of dentures varies upon a number of factors, such as whether a partial or full set of dentures is required. As with effectively all dental services you may choose to receive treatment through the NHS or with private healthcare, with prices for private healthcare generally costing more. Dentures fall under a Band 3 dental treatment, typical with missing tooth replacement treatments, costing £282.20 initially presuming no extra costs are required for maintenance of the denture, replacement etc [3]. 

Dentures require particular cleaning

Like many solutions for missing teeth, dentures require a lot of upkeep relating to hygiene. The effectiveness and length of time a denture will last will depend on how well it is maintained. This requires all of the standard methods of cleaning teeth, i.e. flossing, brushing and using mouthwash, but also requires that you soak the dentures each night to remove stains and bacteria. Dentures also may need to be brushed again, outside of the mouth. It is recommended to also see a dental hygienist if you have dentures to ensure that your dental hygiene is maintained. 


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