Why choose Clip-In Veneers over Dental Crowns?

Alternative to Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are fitted to replace broken or damaged teeth, if the base of the tooth is still capable of accepting a crown. They “cap” the damaged tooth and provide a barrier from elements such as foods, liquids and cold air. Dental crowns are effectively permanent as they are not designed to be removed after implementation.

The tooth below must be cleaned properly in order to prevent infection – this is further mitigated by the use of ‘dental cement’ which holds the crown in place. Meaning the entire Dental Crown must be removed if there is cracking, to prevent infection.

Are Dental Crowns costly?
Dental Crowns are more expensive than some other direct tooth restorations, falling in the same category as Dental Bridges (Band 3) costing £282.20. Which can increase severely if you require private treatment, or you pay for hygienic maintenance of your Dental Crown.

Prices range from around £250-900, depending on the manufacture material and where you are having the procedure. This is generally a one-time cost if the Dental Crown fitted is gold, as was common historically. If the fitting is ceramic, in order to blend in better to your teeth the fitting will last around 25 years, if not sooner and require a new procedure.

Do Dental Crowns match up to alternatives aesthetically?
Cosmetically speaking there are a number of different options surrounding Crowns which vary mostly on the material which is used to make them. Dental Crowns can be made from either porcelain, gold, dental ceramic and more, which does not vary in appearance but price also as explained above.

In terms of aesthetics, the more visually appealing and natural-looking Dental Crowns trend upwards financially. With ceramic dental crowns being limited by colour and metal crowns standing out like a sore thumb. Take a look at all the variety of Clip-In Veneers we have in store, customisable to find the perfect shade to suit your teeth LINK TO SHOP.

What’s the alternative?
Crowns may be a great option for someone with severe tooth damage, though in terms of aesthetics and pricing – they don’t quite reach the mark. In order to guarantee yourself a perfect smile, select your colour, remove at your convenience, take advantage of unlimited free adjustments and revel in the safety of a 12-month warranty then Clip-In Veneers are just for you.