False Teeth – Should You Get Them And Are They Worth It?

If you have lost some teeth, or all of your teeth, then it is likely that you are thinking of getting false teeth or dentures. Losing teeth can be a shock to many people and regardless of how it happens – injury, illness, old age or accident – it’s never a pleasant thing.

Getting false teeth can help you regain your confidence and improve the appearance of your smile. False teeth – known as dentures – can be quite costly however, with prices ranging from £500 for a basic set, up to £3000 for a premium full set.

Types of False Teeth

There are different ways a dentist can help you with replacing your teeth. Dentures are normally the cheapest option available although this depends on the quality and aesthetic look of them. Alternatively you could opt for a dental bridge, however this can involve reducing healthy teeth around the missing ones.

Dental implants are another option for false teeth. Although they are permanent and long-lasting their costs are prohibitive and not right for everyone. Another more modern alternative is Clip in Veneers. These are a non-permanent solution to false teeth which is completely pain-free and doesn’t require any sort of surgery.

How to wear false teeth

How you wear your false teeth depends mainly on whether they are permanent or not. In the case of dental bridges or implants these are permanent and once fitted they will remain in your mouth. As can be expected, dental bridges and implants can require time to get used to and you may experience discomfort and pain depending on how they are inserted into your mouth.

Removable dentures and Clip in Veneers are very easy to fit into your mouth and they should be moulded to your existing teeth. They are non-permanent which means they can easily be taken out of your mouth at the end of the day or if the situation requires it.

Clip on Veneers

Clip on Veneers is another way of saying Clip in Veneers and they are an increasingly popular form of false teeth. Many people find that Clip on Veneers are more convenient and cost-effective when compared to normal dentures. They can be easily worn, and you can remove them if you need to such as when eating.

Clip on Veneers can be a quick and suitable option for people who are thinking of replacing missing teeth but don’t want a trip to the dentist. You can easily order Clip on Veneers from home, and they are completely safe to wear, customised to your very own smile.