Are Invisible Braces Worth It?

invisible braces

Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have a range of solutions to our tooth troubles, from invisible braces to other alternatives. If you’ve put up with crooked teeth for far too long and would like to do something about it, there are a variety of ways you can smile with confidence again. 

One of the ways you can achieve straighter teeth is to get a brace fitted. In the past, braces used to be metal contraptions that were fitted to teeth by an orthodontist. Although effective metal braces often came with many disadvantages. Wearers often experienced discomfort and felt that metal braces were unsightly. So, invisible braces were introduced as an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable alternative to metal braces.

What are Invisible Braces?

Invisible or clear braces were created as a more comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional braces. They are typically made from a thin and clear plastic material that sits comfortable in the mouth. Unlike their metal predecessors, invisible braces do not have wires that need to be tightened in order to achieve straighter teeth. 

Invisible braces are created from a dental mold of the customers teeth. The process involves a series of braces being produced in order to gradually align the teeth. The braces are then replaced every so often to position the teeth bit by bit into the correct position. 

As you would expect, the treatment takes time to achieve the desired effect of straighter, perfectly aligned teeth. In addition, the treatment can be costly, with prices for invisible braces ranging from £2000 to £6000. Therefore, it is understandable that certain factors such as time and cost can affect your decision to opt for an alternative. 

Are there any alternatives to Invisible Braces?

Fortunately, there is an alternative to alignment technology. Clip in Veneers are an instant alternative to invisible braces. By choosing Clip in Veneers you can get that perfect smile in no time and at a price to suit your budget. 

What are the benefits to Clip in Veneers vs. Invisible Braces?

  • With Clip in Veneers there is no wait time for your teeth to align into the correct position. 
  • Teeth will instantly appear both straighter and whiter.
  • Clip in Veneers are cheaper than invisible braces.
  • The process for fitting Clip in Veneers is less invasive.
  • Clip in Veneers are very comfortable to wear
  • No dental visits or procedures required in order to get your Clip in Veneers.

Are Clip in Veneers the best option for me?

Are crooked teeth are holding you back from having the perfect smile? Clip in Veneers could be for you. Additionally, if you feel that invisible braces would take too long to work then Clip in Veneers would be a better and more immediate solution. Clip in Veneers are also ideal for people who prefer less invasive treatments. Non-invasive and painless, Clip in Veneers are comfortable to wear. They can be taken out and popped back in at any time. If discoloured or damaged teeth are also an issue for you, the good news is that Clip in Veneers can give you a straighter and whiter smile in one go.

Need That Smile has helped thousands of individuals in achieving their perfect smiles and we can do the same for you. If you have any questions or want to know more about choosing Clip in Veneers for straighter teeth, please get in touch with our team. Our experts will be happy to help you get your smile confidence back.