What to do if you can’t afford dentures?

If you have missing or damaged teeth then it’s easy to lose confidence in your appearance and your smile. In today’s social media driven world many people will judge you on how you look, and your smile is a big part of that. Loss of confidence can result in lack of self esteem and can affect you in many ways. You may decide not to go out and see friends or family, or you may choose to skip appointments and social occasions.

Dentures can help restore your smile and replace missing teeth so you no longer feel self-conscious. By improving your smile it will help you become more outgoing, more sociable and allow you to feel more comfortable when around other people. The main problem with dentures however is that they can end up costing quite a lot. Even at a local dentists you may end up spending thousands of pounds if you need to replace more than a few teeth.

In some cases you can choose to split the cost for your dentures, but you have to ask yourself do you really want take up finance? Payment plans can be useful if you can’t afford dentures, but at the same time you will still be paying a lot of money. It’s issues like this which put many people off and keep them from investing in their teeth and smile.

So what are the options if you can’t afford dentures?

One popular solution if you can’t afford dentures is clip-in veneers (also called clip-on veneers or snap-in teeth). Clip In Veneers are typically made of hygienic plastic which is moulded to the shape of your existing teeth and gums. An Impression kit is used to take an impression of your teeth which is used as the guide for your veneers. The whole process is very quick and easy, and it’s completely pain-free.

Once your Impression kit is received it is then used to create your veneers. If you can’t afford dentures then Clip-In Veneers are a great alternative because not only are they low cost, but they look just as good. Clip-In Veneers come in a variety of colours from a natural white to a brilliant, bright white. The choice is yours and once you get your veneers you will notice a huge difference in your smile.

How Need That Smile can help you

At Need That Smile we believe that even if you can’t afford dentures you should still be able to regain your smile. That’s why our Clip-In Veneers are sold for a fraction of the cost of upmarket dentures. The great thing about our veneers is that you can easily take them out, replace them and even clean them. And if you accidentally damaged them (it does happen!) don’t worry because replacements are quick and easy to provide.

We have been selling Clip-In Veneers for well over 5 years now and we’ve helped literally hundreds of people from all walks of life. Our usual turnaround time is a couple of weeks and you’ll be showing everyone your beautiful new smile in no time at all! Order online via our website and experience our excellent customer service and care. We treat every customer with the attention they deserve and our aim is to make you smile as soon possible!