The benefits of Clip In Veneers

Clip In Veneers

You might remember veneers causing a huge stir around a decade ago. The American TV show Extreme Makeover included them as standard for every single makeover contestant, giving them astonishingly sparkly smiles that changed their whole faces.

The trouble is the show used porcelain veneers. The public was amazed at their transformative power, but enthusiasm quite rapidly died down when people realised the cost could hit £1000 – per tooth!

And unlike many cosmetic treatments that have become more affordable and accessible over the years, porcelain veneers for a singular tooth have continued to hover around the several-hundred-pound mark, due in part to the expense of the material, and the advanced and complex dentistry that is required.

What if we told you there was an alternative that gave you an almost indistinguishable likeness to porcelain dental veneers, with no pain or tooth-grinding required, and no contact with a dentist required, at a fraction of the cost?

Before we tell you more about this extremely exciting, insanely affordable innovation, we want to make it clear that you don’t have to bank this for “when things reopen”.

Two lockdowns across the year have left us with grown-out highlights and unmanicured nails, but this is one aesthetic enhancement that doesn’t require a visit to a clinic.

Our Clip In Veneer service is 100% COVID proof – with the only contact between us and you conducted online and by post. What’s more, due to the nature of anything dental or medical, the process for creating your shiny new set of teeth is inherently sterile. No need to worry about germs.

So let’s get into Clip In Veneers, how they can act as a substitute for costly porcelain veneers, and how the ordering process works.

Permanent Veneers vs Clip In Veneers

The truth is, although many people think dental veneers are the best and only way to get a sparkling smile, they require some pretty unpleasant prep work. The tooth must be ground down, and sometimes part of it – even beyond the enamel – must be removed.

Even with the necessary anaesthetic, this can be an uncomfortable and even painful process. They’re also not permanent, with well-cared for veneers lasting between 10 and 15 years, requiring another considerable investment after this time period.

Clip In Veneers take away all this discomfort. Although you might not be happy with the way your teeth look, if they’re healthy, it is usually best not to mess around with them. After all, they’re pretty important!

We need them for eating, talking, laughing, and smiling. Teeth-altering treatments like veneers, dentures and crowns are a lifelong commitment, and they are far from complication-proof.

Clip-in veneers work similarly to clip-in braces, just without the straightening. The mould we take allows us to perfectly mimic the shape and size of the tops of your teeth. We then sculpt a very thin layer of artificial teeth to clip easily over your natural smile.

What are the benefits of Clip In Veneers?

Our veneers work across three aesthetic levels:

  1. A brighter, whiter smile: If you have sensitive teeth, you may struggle with whitening products or treatments. Clip In Veneers are a 100% safe way to get a whiter smile without any damage or pain.
  2. A straighter smile: For some of us, the tips of our teeth can be uneven or ridged. This is something that braces can’t address. You can get them filed down, but this is a painful process that risks lifelong damage to the enamel and nerves. We sculpt our Clip In Veneers to be perfectly, beautifully straight along the bottom.
  3. Masking of unevenness: For those of us who never wore braces, sometimes we struggle with crossovers in our teeth, uneven canines, or other irregularities which can make us self conscious about our smile. Clip In Veneers match your teeth perfectly along the top, but are designed to present straight, even teeth that completely cover any irregularities.

How it works

When you order your veneers, either by phone or via our website, we will send you a kit in the post for you to make your impressions. The kit includes tray moulds, pots of dental putty, and easy to follow instructions. If you send us a WhatsApp, we’ll reply with a voice note for extra guidance and support.

Once complete, send them back to us, along with a little bit of paperwork we require. We will then send you your brand-new Clip-Ins in the post, again with no contact or appointment required.

Not to brag or anything, but we have got the fastest turnaround time for Clip In Veneers in the UK! Order now and get your brand-new smile in time for Christmas.

Step One

Order your impression kit over the phone or directly on the website. We will send this kit to you on via Royal Mail. Once received READ ALL YOUR INFO then message us on WhatsApp. We can send you a voice note and extra info and tips to help achieve the perfect impression.

Step Two

Once the kit is completed, fill out your paperwork and send the impression kit back to us.
 We will send you confirmation that the kit has been received along with an estimated delivery time.
 The process of creating your new smile will then start.

Step Three

After approx 7-10 working days (WE ARE THE FASTEST IN THE UK) your new smile will be sent out to you. 
Once received you MUST read your aftercare sheet. We offer free alterations to every customer.

Order Your Clip In Veneers today.