Invisible Braces: an easy solution for a perfect smile?

Invisible Braces

If you weren’t victim to having braces in your youth, then you may know many people who were.

Conventional metal braces are not designed to be the most aesthetically pleasing, though after several months to a year of wearing in your youth (though it seems we all seem to know someone who was perennially exhibiting a silver-lined smile), great results can be achieved with straighter teeth.

Though these are often complimented with the necessity of nightly retainers to prevent teeth from creeping back out of place.

Invisible braces are a relatively modern solution for people who either didn’t keep their promise to wear their retainer regularly or are unhappy with their smile later in life but don’t wish to have unsightly braces.

Invisible braces are not as ‘easy’ as you may think

Invisible braces are much like their counterparts that we remember from our school days.

We don’t think need to take a poll to determine which are considered most aesthetically appealing.

Though many people don’t realise that a lot of the issues around metal braces such as the need to wear a retainer and regularly check in with your dentist are still present.

If you wear invisible braces, such as Invisalign, typically you will wear retainers at night for six months, and then usually a few times a week as instructed by your dentist [1].

As well as this, you’ll need to visit your dentist every six weeks to check that your treatment is progressing as planned.

The total treatment time averages from 12 to 18 months [2]. Which obviously further increases the inconvenience surrounding this solution. This is made exponentially worse considering that often people forget to wear their braces, or use their retainer.

Invisible braces are a particularly costly procedure

Considering prices, invisible braces treatments are at the higher end of the scale of costs for dental treatments.

Prices vary on a case-by-case basis, which depends upon the dentist that you are seeing.

The NHS do not provide invisible braces as a part of any of their treatments.

The lowest scale of the price range is around £750 and they may cost up to £5000 [3]. This is without considering undercover costs, such as hidden fees associated with regular visits to the dentists. 

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