Different Ways To Get A Brighter Smile

brighter smile man smiling

White, gleaming teeth are a sign of health and are starting to become linked to symbols of wealth and success. While some will opt for at home teeth whitening kits, natural teeth whitening remedies there are numerous ways that you can brighten that smile that are more permanent. Below is a list of ways that you can get a brighter smile. Ranging from natural options you can do at home, to more permanent yet cost effective solutions.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes are toothpastes that usually include whitening or brightening ingredients such as charcoal, baking soda or a higher strength of whitening ingredient within the fluoride. When used twice a day, whitening toothpaste can show changed from two to six weeks.

Teeth whitening toothpastes tend to be the first step that people take in the journey to achieve a brighter smile. This solution is safe and can be done at home as most whitening toothpastes are available in supermarkets and cosmetic shops.

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Teeth Whitening Kits

Light teeth whitening is another popular method of brightening smiles. It works by using an LED light in conjunction with a teeth-whitening substance such as hydrogen peroxide or other whitening agents. Once the whitening agent has been applied to the teeth, the light activates the whitener causing teeth to appear whiter and brighter.

Teeth whitening with lights can be considered a risk if not used correctly. The process can be done at home with a range of teeth whitening kits or the process can be performed by a dentist. If not used correctly, use of a UV light could cause soft tissue burns, gum irritation, damage to teeth and increased tooth sensitivity. For home use, always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions which will explain the length of time to use the whitening agent and the LED light.

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Clip In Veneers For A Brighter Smile

Need That Smile Clip In Veneers are created from a product designed to be worn over natural teeth to create the appearance of a whiter, straighter full smile. The flexible resin material used is certified dental grade material that is safe to be worn inside the mouth.

Clip In Veneers are the ultimate tooth replacement solution best for those who want a long lasting smile that is removable and cost effective.

As well as being a solution for discoloured teeth, the veneers can also cover other dental issues such as missing or chipped teeth. The veneers are natural looking and are available in a choice of 3 shades depending on personal preference. Regardless of the shade chose, all of them will ensure you have a refreshing beautiful white smile.

Using this method, no dentist visits are required meaning it is a quick and easy way to give you that brighter smile you have longed for.

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Permanent Veneers

Veneers are a thin wafer of porcelain that is permanently bonded to a tooth to mask its natural colour, shape or positioning in the mouth. Veneers can be purchased for one or multiple teeth and can be full or partial.

Getting veneers requires a serious dental procedure that is a multi-step process spread out over a few appointments. The bonding cement uses bridges from your real tooth to the porcelain so that it becomes one. Once the veneer is bonded to the tooth and cured with UV light, the veneers should last for about 15 to 20 years when they will need to be replaced.

For more detail on permanent veneers click here: https://www.bupa.co.uk/dental/dental-care/treatments/fillings-crowns-veneers/veneers

There are so many ways in which you can brighten your smile, whether you are looking for a permanent solution or something temporary there are solutions for all.