Clip In Veneers: Affordable Dental Alternative with Outstanding Results

Clip In Veneers

While most people have perfectly healthy teeth, not everyone can boast of having a perfect smile. Good oral hygiene, while desirable, is not always going to help with issues like discoloured or gapped teeth.

However, today it is effortless to improve the look of your natural smile and give you the confidence to show it more often. The progress of cosmetic dentistry brought us the methods and techniques of creating a picture-perfect smile, and no method is faster and more effective than Clip On Veneers. 

The primary appeal of Need That Smile Clip-On veneers comes from the painless process of acquiring your new smile. These cosmetic veneers are the best solution for people afraid of painful dental procedures but still want to make their smile brighter. Our cosmetic teeth veneers are guaranteed to give you a healthier-looking smile you’ve always wanted.

Who Should Wear Clip in Veneers?

When your teeth are healthy, but you still want that perfect smile, you need to know what imperfections clip in veneers can cover. 

  • If you have discoloured teeth due to your drinking, eating or smoking habits, you are a good candidate for the Need That Smile clip in veneers. 
  • If you are missing a tooth or have a chipped tooth, you can get clip in veneers that would cover this dental imperfection. 
  • If you have crooked teeth, but dental braces or retainers are options you will not or cannot explore, clip in veneers are the best solution for you.
  • If you want to improve the look of your teeth without destroying your budget, clip in veneers are more affordable than many other cosmetic dental procedures.

Characteristics of good Clip in Veneers

Your temporary dental veneers have other benefits besides making your smile look great. When the initial adjustment period is over, you will find that clip on veneers are very comfortable and easy to talk with. This is because our clip in veneers are custom made for you so they can fit your natural teeth like a glove. You can also eat or drink while wearing them without worrying they may fall off. 

For your veneers, we only use the best stain-resistant material that is durable and long-lasting. The Need That Smile Clip In veneers are very light, and sometimes you can’t even feel you’re wearing them.

Clip In Veneers vs Other Procedures

Clip-in veneers (or Snap-On veneers) are there to improve your natural smile whenever you want. They are a great way to cover dental imperfections many of us have. Most people with these imperfections feel self-conscious about them, so they want a quick and easy solution to fix them. 

Furthermore, they want a dental solution that will not require many visits to the dentist or sitting through painful dental procedures. Procedures like permanent, porcelain or composite veneers require for your natural teeth to be altered. These procedures can be costly and also unpleasant. Implants and dentures have similar flaws, making clip in veneers the best alternative cosmetic dentistry procedure. Unlike dentures which can cost up to £2000 for a natural-looking smile, Need That Smile clip-on cosmetic veneers cost less than £200. We have the best dentist for veneers in the UK working on the new smile that you can wear anytime you want and for any occasion.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Clip on Veneers?

We believe anyone deserves a confident and shiny smile. However, before getting clip in veneers, you should ensure you meet the criteria. Those who are not candidates for wearing clip-in veneers are:

  • People who have poor dental health or any signs of cavity and gum disease cannot wear clip in veneers. Having healthy teeth is a pre-requirement for all types of cosmetic veneers.
  • People with severe teeth cracks or broken teeth– major cracks or tooth breakages should be treated before getting your clip in veneers.
  • People with loose-fitting veneers or crowns should not opt to wear clip in veneers.
  • Women should avoid wearing temporary dental veneers during pregnancy or while they are breastfeeding.