Clip-In or Cosmetic Veneers: Which is right for You?

Cosmetic veneers right for you?

In recent years the cosmetic veneers industry has exploded, with celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Hilary Duff and Julia Roberts all achieving perfect smiles through the use of Veneers. More recently Veneers have boomed in popularity with the regular person and are no longer only ever featured on the most well-known Instagram influencers and cover-page models. You may be looking to reap the benefits of having Veneers fitted but unsure which are most suitable for you.

Don’t damage your teeth

If you are in the market for Clip-In Veneers, chances are one of the largest factors is that you are able to preserve and safeguard your teeth – whilst enjoying the benefits of your new smile. Removable veneers do not require tooth reduction and simply clip onto your existing teeth. Totally painless and not requiring an expensive procedure. Clip-In Veneers offer you the best of both worlds.


Classic Cosmetic Veneers start from hundreds of pounds per tooth. Not exactly a price range that is conducive to the everyday man or woman. Particularly when you factor in the fact that they are irreversible, so don’t expect your money back if you are not happy with the end result.

Fortunately, with new technologies Veneers are no longer a commodity reserved only for the elite-class. More affordable options such as Clip-In Veneers which maintain the quality, elegance and end result are now far more widely available. See our range of price options and find something which is ideal for you.


Unlike Cosmetic Veneers, Clip-In Veneers are fully reversible, meaning that you are able to clip them in and out situationally. For example, you may wish to have the perfect smile for particular events such as holidays, weddings and social gatherings.

Clip-In Veneers are also low maintenance meaning you don’t need to alter your dietary habits or way of life. View our ‘Before and After’ page and see for yourself how our products have enhanced the lives of people such as yourself and see the real results that we can offer. Link to page.

Thinking of Cosmetic Veneers?

At NeedThatSmile we know that our products are capable of changing lives and our loyal customer base is testament to that. Explore our range of products and find something perfect for you. If you are interested in Clip-In Veneers to improve your smile and confidence then look no further than NEED THAT SMILE.