Best Cosmetic Teeth Solution For Whitening Today

cosmetic teeth

When it comes to improving the look of your teeth, there are so many great modern teeth whitening solutions for achieving outstanding results. There are various treatments available for teeth whitening like dental veneers, and composite bonding to make your teeth makeover a success.

Even in Ancient Egypt and Rome, people had a desire to have that perfect smile. However, the cosmetic dental industry has come a long way from using vinegar and rock mixture for teeth whitening, creating dental procedures that are safe and affordable.

Our Clip-On Veneers are the perfect example of a quick and affordable dental cosmetic treatment that will give you immediate results.

Why Choose Cosmetic Teeth?

With so many great techniques and methods for improving one’s teeth, dental beauty and a perfect smile are something anyone can have today. Cosmetic teeth whitening solutions like teeth reshaping can have excellent results, changing the appearance of your teeth to better and giving you a self-confidence boost that will make you smile more. However, aesthetic dentistry can sometimes go one step further, and besides improving your smile, it can also improve your oral health.

Need That Smile is a pioneer when it comes to creating custom-made Clip In Veneers. Comfortable and affordable, our veneers will create a natural-looking smile without the need for complex and long-lasting dental procedures.

Cosmetic Teeth Procedures

Modern dentistry development allowed us to have so many great methods to improve the look and health of our teeth. Some of the current cosmetic dental procedures you could find in almost any cosmetic dental clinic are:

  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic veneers
  • Dental bridges
  • Cosmetic dentures
  • Dental crowns
  • Clip-in Veneers

While most of these procedures require your natural teeth to be reshaped or altered, the Need That Smile Clip In Veneers can give you a perfect smile without altering your natural teeth.

In most dental veneer procedures, like porcelain veneers, a layer of your tooth (enamel) will be scraped or stripped off. Our Clip-On Veneers use your natural teeth to template your new perfect smile, leaving your teeth intact.

No matter if you need a shiny smile for a wedding, job interview, or simply want to see what getting porcelain veneers would look like, the Need That Smile clip in veneers are the perfect way of achieving just that, but for a fraction of the price.

How Long Do Cosmetic Teeth Last?

Depending on the procedure, your cosmetic teeth can last a long time. For example, dental implants may last up to 20 years. However, you can shorten the lifespan of dental implants if your oral hygiene is poor. Dental crowns can last around ten years, but a certain amount of wear and tear will occur, and you may need replacements. Porcelain veneers can also stay up to 10 years, but they are not immune to cracking and chipping upon impact.

Composite bonding may be very popular for fixing a chipped tooth or filling in gaps between teeth. Still, depending on the tooth’s location and many other factors, composite bonding can last anywhere from 3-7 years. Teeth whitening effects can sometimes vary, depending on whether you are a smoker or consume large quantities of coffee or any other food and beverage known to create stains on your teeth. However, you can expect the effects of teeth whitening to last somewhere between 6 months and three years.

For that reason, Need That Smile Clip-In Veneers presents a perfect dental solution that can last a long time. You can get the ideal smile in a matter of weeks, avoid painful dental procedures, and spend thousands of pounds.

Fastest Cosmetic Teeth Solution

Getting our Clip-in veneers is a completely hassle-free process, and that’s probably the biggest benefit of choosing this particular cosmetic teeth treatment. It is a perfect way to achieve your dream smile, especially for those who have dentophobia (odontophobia) — fear of the dentist and dental procedures. However, dentophobia can lead to people missing their regular dental check-ups and neglecting their oral health. 

With our clip-in veneers, the procedure requires you to take a mould of your natural teeth, and the rest is up to us to create a smile bespoke to your wishes. In a matter of weeks, your clip in veneers will be ready for you to wear whenever you desire.